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Agnieszka Rogowska (born 1973) -

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
Mainly practices oil painting, but also uses mixed techniques.
Her works have been presented at many collective and individual exhibitions
among others in the following galleries: Smelik and Stokking in The Hague and Amsterdam, BeArte, TOK Tucholi, Centrum Praskie Koneser in Warsaw, Art Gallery in Warsaw, Mall Galleries in London. Winner of competitions,
including illustration competitions organized by the Chinese association
Master illustrators (Master Illustrators Federation) and Beijing Ziteng gallery:
2011 - Special Prize by Host Units and Joint Hosts, 2007 - honorable mention, 2005 – 3rd prize.
In painting, she is primarily interested in color as a tool of creative creation, and she is inspired by almost everything.


As one of her favorite artists, Piotr Potworowski, wrote:

 "You can start painting a picture from almost nothing, but always this 'almost nothing' is some kind of observation of the world - a fragment seen suddenly and very intensely."

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