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"Sharpening the Soul of the Samurai"- an exhibition of contemporary swords and japonalia

In traditional Japanese fencing, the most valued and one at the same time

one of the most difficult tests of skill were the cut tests, called tameshigiri.

In the old days, the bodies of convicts were cut open. Today, pre-soaked and rolled rice mats are cut. Adepts subjected to this rigorous test must demonstrate perfect technique, and their swords must be amazing

sharp and in excellent condition. It's more than a weapon, it's also a symbol of all the values the samurai stood for."


Michal Piotrkowicz



The exhibition will present a collection of several dozen contemporary swords - modified by Michał Piotrkowicz.

Melee weapons will be accompanied by a collection of traditional Japanese costumes and a series of graphics inspired by Japanese art and cultureCarolina Cecot.

All items will be available for sale in the gallery.


The exhibition will begin with a vernissage

November 27, 2021 at 18.00


The exhibition will be open to visitors in the IKIKATA Gallery:

st. Squirrel 18, Podkowa Leśna,

every weekend (except Christmas)

at 12.00-18.00

We also encourage you to book individual meetings.

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