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IKIKATA - way of living/doing things

Ikiktata is the brainchild of Kasia Plichta-Szwarc, whose aim is to discover novel ways of presenting and promoting Polish modern art among collectors and the widest possible audience, both in Poland and internationally.


As a Gallery, it concentrate mainly on paintings, graphics and photography. However, we also hope to represent and exhibit artists specialising in a range of different techniques and styles, wose creative activity not only fulfils the highest criteria, but above all will establish a significant voice in Polish modern art.


We believe that the language of art should neither be restrictive nor compartmentalised.

We are open to all forms of activity and artistic expression. Furthermore, we also work together with expert groups in restoration and history of art, interior design and architecture, which enables us to offer a comprehensive service to both private collectors as well as to the corporate media.

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