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Shinken Chuugi

The Japanese term chuugi consists of two characters.
The first one, chuu, means loyalty and devotion. The second part - gi - is the obligation to act in accordance

with the code and absolute balance of spirit - no attachment to anything.
Shinken, on the other hand, means a perfectly prepared, ready-to-cut blade.
Shinken Chuugi is therefore faithfulness flowing from the heart. A vow to commit myself not only to the sword itself, but to all the values of the Bushi Code.


The exhibition will feature over 25 katanas, tachis and all sorts of samurai long weapons, as well as several handguns (tanto and wakizashi) made and maintained by Michał Piotrkowicz.


The vernissage will take place on January 29, 2023

at 16.00

IKIKATA Gallery, Squirrel 18, 

Forest Horseshoe


The event will feature a show of fencing in armor performed by representatives of the Warsaw Samurai School

For the first time, you will also be able to admire a working replica of a samurai arquebus.

The exhibition will be open on weekends, until 04.03.

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