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Lukasz Zbroja (1985) -

A graduate of painting at the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw in the studio of prof. A. Jaźwińska and
of painting at the University of Zielona Góra in the studio of St. Cortes. A man of many places and talents.

After returning to Warsaw, he posed as a model in the medals studio of prof. H. Jelonek, where his
interest in sculpture. Finally, he defended his diploma in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
in 2019, in the studio of prof. AJ Pastwy, implementing two annexes at the same time: painting and drawing.
Author and participant of numerous group and individual exhibitions. The studio is the only one for him
a sensible place. Apart from her, he wanders around the alleys and cesspools - he is a garbage can.


"Large stretches of canvas, paintings on old carpets. The strong contour is filled with greasy, juicy layers of paint. The color draws the viewer into another space. The sight follows the gesture. Figures emerge from the apparent clutter. the cosmos, telling its story. The Painting of Armor seems to be a work of a planned accident that continues and never ends, and perhaps there is no beginning at all.."

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