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Currently in the gallery space:

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We want to create a space where artists representing various fields of art have the opportunity for dialogue and confrontation with other means of expression. As a gallery, we focus onmainly on such forms of artistic expression as painting, drawing, photography or sculpture. However, we do not want to set boundaries or set barriers due to the chosen ways  of expression. Contemporary art creates numerous, minimal spaces where all boundaries are blurred.

We want our gallery to be a place where different forms of expression clash.

A meeting place for various ideas and concepts.


We strive to promote contemporary artists and artists of the younger generation, at the same time enabling them to contact experienced onescreators with an established reputation. Our art gallery is located in Podkowa Leśna. We cared

on this, to provide the best possible conditions - both for artists and

and visitors. The distance from large agglomerations and an intimate atmosphere are conducive to a meditative confrontation with the exhibited works. 


On the website you will find information about current exhibitions, as well as archival materials from previous exhibitions and vernissages.  In a separate tab you will find biographies of artists cooperating with us, in which we briefly describe the course of their careers and the dominant motives of creativity. We cordially invite artists to contact us (both beginners and experienced ones) who would like to cooperate with us.

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