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Monika Walendziak (1986) -

Graduated from the School of Fine Arts and Studies in the field of art history at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.


Walendziak, who lives and works in Edinburgh, is mainly professionally involved in painting and photography.


Since 2018, she has been working on a regular basis depicting the arrangement of space and the execution

of polychromes at the Monastery of Saukt Augustus Kirke in Copenhagen.


Monika draws her inspiration from nature, paying special attention to the philosophy of the garden, eroticism

and early music, creating a labyrinth of painting. 

Her painting portrays a clash between freedom and determinism, a plateau from which she observes changes

and destructive processes which are difficult to control.


Treating geometric forms as a way of looking into a specific structure which is  universal for every culture,

she invites a contemplative encounter suggesting something which is beyond the common experience of one's imagination operating established thinking

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