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Daria Infanti-

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Faculty of Education visual.

Painter, multimedia artist working in the field of video, arthouse film, photography, and objects.

He collaborates with many avant-garde artists in the field of performing visual arts.


Infanti's work takes you into a dangerous, hypnotizing a journey among well-known characters and entangled formsinto the mysticism of geometric abstraction giving them a new dimension.

Seemingly random forms create orderly chaos, a vision of the birth of new worlds,

hologram of ancestors, prehistory and pre-painting. The collective unconscious revealed in shapes, symbols and colors placed in a hitherto unknown context becomes an impulse

triggering an alternate reality.


The artist's works have taken part in many collective exhibitions and shows in Warsaw, Łódź,

Poznań, Berlin, Gothenburg, Stockholm, London.

Her paintings are in private collections in Sweden, Australia, Russia and Germany.

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